An innovative, research-driven approach for managing stress, pain, and improving health. Recline and relax in our Magnesphere with its zero gravity chair, allowing your body to reach a natural state of balance. Experience the benefits of magnetic resonance therapy - targeting specific issues associated with stress including inflammation, sleep issues, pain, and stiffness. During your session you may choose the additional benefit of a 25 minute scalp or foot massage.


Services without massage suggestions: align pricing to your market and what you charge for regular massage services. Most fall within this range:

• 30 minutes = $49-$69
• 60 minutes = $79-$120

To add in the massage service, we recommend you add an additional $25-$35 to the total service price.


  • Eye Cover: A clean towel or sanitized eye pillow
  • Aromatherapy: Optional usage based on guest preference
  • Music: Optional usage based on guest preference
  • Disinfectant wipes for cleaning purposes
  • Massage lotion
  • Hand towel


  • Magnesphere with Zero Gravity Chair
  • Small table for laptop computer
  • Cabinet to hold products/supplies
  • Stool for foot massage
  • Headset to block sound if needed
  • BlueTooth Heart Monitor if measuring HRV
  • App on iPhone or iPad if measuring HRV


Explain how the Magnesphere works using language like this: "The Magnesphere is a cutting edge technology that involves whole body Magnetic Resonance Therapy. It uses specific, bio friendly frequencies that 'Relax' our bodies on the cellular level. Relaxation addresses the Stress that we carry around in our modern, busy lives. When the body is able to achieve better balance it begins to function better and we often see improvements in areas such as Pain, Inflammation, Digestion, Energy Level and Sleep. May I suggest that you watch this 5 minute introductory video, as it will provide additional information."

(offer to start the video on the laptop or provide a tablet for their convenience.)


Have the guest complete the Magneceutical Health Intake Form - Every property will be provided with an intake form. The following is an example of the type of information the intake form will have

  • Name
  • Today's Date/ Time of Appt:
  • Phone:
  • Email:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Male or Female:
  • Circle Chief Complaint:
  • Sleep
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Headaches
  • Other: ___________
  • Do You have any of the following:
  • ___Implanted Stimulators in Brain
  • ___Poorly controlled Atrial Fibrillation
  • ___Epilepsy
  • ___Congestive Heart Failure
  • ___Poorly controlled High Blood Pressure
  • Mag. Protocol:



Practitioner/Assistant warmly greets the guest and guides them to the Magnesphere. Ensure the guest understands the following;

  • How to Adjust the Chair - demonstrate how the zero-gravity chair works, seat the guest in the chair
  • The treatment can be paused allowing them to get up and stretch, use the restroom, etc.
  • Offer headphones with music as an optional choice

Conduct Optional "Massage Add-on" Services During the Session (use attached add-on instructions)


Run the Protocol associated with the Guest's chief complaint listed on the intake form.


Gently invite the guest to return the chair to its original position. If needed, help the guest out of the chair and into a standing position, allowing them to regain their balance before they begin moving around.

After every use, the zero-gravity chair should be wiped with a disinfectant wipe, ensuring to focus on any area of the chair making direct contact with the guest's skin (scalp, arms, feet, etc.)


Educate the guest around frequency of sessions, recommending 3 to 6 treatments within a two week time frame depending on presenting complaints and desired outcomes. As this Therapy is using magnetic fields naturally found in the body, and therefore takes time to achieve its results (just like starting a new diet or workout regimen) there has to be consistent follow-through to achieve the best results.

Let them know that there will be a "healing" cascade that's begun, where they may very well feel the effects of the Service later today, tonight, or even tomorrow (ask them to be watching for any changes, especially in their primary area of complaint or concern).



Based upon which massage they prefer, the chair will need to be positioned to accommodate their choice. For the Scalp massage chair should be positioned with its "back" closest to the opening of the Magnesphere (ie Reverse position), likewise for the Foot massage the chair should be positioned with its "footrest" closest to the opening of the Magnesphere. (ie Normal position)

Start the Magnesphere and follow the typical sequence you would for all services, with the selected massage add-on using the appropriate directions listed below.


Therapist begins the hands on section at the Head

1 Therapist cradles the head gently for 15 seconds and invites the guest to take a few deep breaths
2 Gently friction the sub-occipital muscles- working medial to lateral
3 Effleurage the frontalis muscles with thumbs, beginning with both thumbs in the center of the forehead and making your way lateral
4 Petrissage the frontalis muscle with thumbs working the entire forehead
5 Petrissage the ears
6 Beginning at the temporalis muscle, therapist engages the tissue in a clockwise direction
7 With finger pads, apply light compression to the supraorbital notch below the eyebrows for 10 seconds
8 Repeat steps 2-6
9 Gently massage the entire scalp (with guest permission)


Therapist gently cradles the feet for 15 seconds

1 Beginning with one foot, effleurage from the ball of the foot to the heel with the heel of hand
2 Petrissage the plantar surface of the foot
3 Petrissage each toe from the base of the joint to the tip
4 Gently friction the pressure point corresponding with grounding the nervous system (in the center of the foot just below the ball) with small, clockwise circular motions
5 Petrissage the plantar surface of the foot
6 Repeat steps 2-6
7 End by gently cradling the feet for 15 seconds


If the guest's entire experience is for 30 minutes, the practitioner will gently guide them to completion of the session. The guest will either be encouraged to stay in the chair and relax or the practitioner can guide them back to the waiting area. Communicate the following;

"This concludes the massage portion of your experience. Please continue to relax for another (time) minutes and (name) will escort you back (or - please follow me) to the waiting room."


If the guest's entire experience is for 60 minutes, the guest will continue to relax in the chair for thirty five (35) minutes after the massage. If the guest is awake communicate the following;

"This concludes the massage portion of your experience. Please continue to relax for another 35 minutes and (name) will escort you back to the waiting room when your service is complete."

The Magnesphere™ is intended to enhance feelings of relaxation, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory."

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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