The HALO is backed by 25 years of Research and is the residential version of our revolutionary energy based therapeutic system that uses natural magnetic fields to help bring balance to the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), and address health issues impacted by Chronic Stress. Pre-configured with standard treatment protocols, the system is easy to install, learn, and operate within your home. With monthly subscriptions that range from 1.5hrs/day for individuals or 3.0hrs/day for families, you choose the plan that best meets your needs. Accessing your treatments on your schedule is an important benefit, as most people will enjoy a 60 minute nap, during the session. Finally, most customers use their own chair and computer with our HALO system, but both are available for purchase if needed.

• Portable 7’ Coils with control assembly that creates a uniform, natural magnetic field
• Easy to use, pre-configured Treatment protocols
• Easy Installation
• Remote Training (at Magneceutical University)
• 2 year warranty

Monthly Subscriptions to treatment sessions:
o $80/mth for 1.5hrs/day (individual plan)
o $130/mth for 3.0hrs/day (family plan)

Financing available - Pay as low as $229/month!
Apply for Financing

• Weight: 25lbs
• Dimensions: 7’5” (2.3m) x 4’4” (1.3m) x 6’6” (1.3m) high
• Pulse Output: 0.001μG to about 500.0μG
• Frequency: 0.01Hz to about 300.0Hz
• Treatment time: 30-90 minutes
• AC Power Requirements: 1 outlet: 110V, 15A, 60Hz (230V, 15A, 50Hz)
• Internet Requirements: Wireless internet access required

Optional Accessories:
• Human Touch PC 420 Orthopedic Recliner
• Chromebook (pre configured)
• Halo Travel Case

[ 719-1000 ]

$ 6,400.00


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